Identifying S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon Series Bootlegs

Due to the fact that S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon to the currently released Sailor Saturn ALL have bootlegged versions of them I thought I would compile how to identify bootleg vs official in one post, rather than reposting the info on each review (which I’m really far behind on).

As of November 2013 bootleg editions of the S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon figure exists for purchase. Currently, every figure from the released Sailor Moon line (we’re currently on Saturn) has eventually had a bootleg version, so do not be fooled! Here are some photos and tips on how to identify the bootlegs.

but specifically uses Sailor Moon as a baseline.

Price Tags and Listings

If an S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon figure is a bootleg chances are you’ll see her priced very low ($17.99 seems to be the magic price as of December 12, 2013). The seller may also state that the figure is the CHINESE VERSION instead of the Japanese version. “Chinese version” is a huge red flag, as there’s no such thing in this line. There ARE Chinese releases of SOME products, but they are usually referred to specifically as “Hong Kong Release” or “Korean Release” and will feature the appropriate characters instead of Japanese.

Be sure that if the seller uses official photos that they note whether the manufacturer is Bandai, or if they’ve left out that detail entirely

Box Identifiers


Please note that the official version is on the left, and the bootleg is on the right (photo wonderfully provided by Ebay, uploaded version here: picture #861539).

As I do not own the bootleg my assumption is that the bootleg box colour is faded/altered compared to the official version. If not, there aren’t many tell-tale signs on the box itself, but the ones that exist are important.

Physically the only box difference other than the colour is the international Sailor Moon logo that appears on the bootleg box, but not the official box pictured. THIS IS ACTUALLY OK! This logo DOES appear on some boxes, and appears to be something signifying international release vs Japanese release. They’re all manufactured by the same people, in the same place, and distributed from Japan, but the international release has it’s own release date outside of Japan.

On the window of the box should be a sticker that reads:

2 Interchangeable Face Parts-
Winking and Crying

The second press of this figure DOES NOT have this sticker, or the bonus parts, but the bootleg of the first press figure neglects to recreate this sticker, and therefore it is missing. If you have no sticker in the window, but bonus parts your figure could be bootleg (or if it’s used, the previous owner may have removed it).

The bootleg is also missing the TOEI sticker outlined in red on the bottom portion of the box. This sticker is normally located in the same location pictured, or above the 20th Anniversary logo between Sailor Moons legs. If this sticker is not there your figure is probably a bootleg.


Owners of the bootlegged version have pointed out that the joints are skin tone. They should be WHITE or the appropriate colour of that joint, but ALL of the bootlegs are skin tone.

Capturewrist joint


It’s notable to check the paint colours in both her eyes and mouth on the faceplates. The official versions appear slightly darker, and it appears more obvious in the mouth. The official face plates also have thicker and darker tiaras. The bootlegs are faded looking, and the eyebrows are the wrong colour.

The Crescent Moon Wands seem to be the give away here though. One of the more impressive features of this official figure is how well the wands are moulded and painted. The bootlegs look horrible. Their sculpting and paint jobs are VERY messy.

Body Sculpt and Paint Job

Riesz1384916317This image gives a clear look at not just the skin tone arm joints, but how poorly painted she is as well. Take note of her skirt, choker, and Odango covers. It also appears that her bangs try to make use of the transparent plastic, but it appears a little dirty. This COULD be caused by the black background though.

As well, in most of the photographs found for this bootleg ((mfc link)) it appears that her joints are pulled out to make her appear longer. You can see her joints sticking out under her skirt and at her arms. Her head also appears pulled forward too far, or up too far.

Also note the seam lines along her body side, shoulder pads, and the prominent neck joint.


Though I have no pictures to offer one of the biggest complaints from people who have been stuck with a bootleg version of Sailor Moon is how easily she falls apart at the waist and arms. THIS SHOULDN’T BE AN ISSUE. While some factory defects escape inspection your figure shouldn’t easily fall apart.

If you have any questions, or tips for spotting a bootleg S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon figure please comment below!


Sailor Moon (no bonus faces)
CDJapan | Entertainment Earth

Super Sailor Moon
CDJapan | Entertainment Earth

Sailor Mercury
CDJapan | Entertainment Earth

Sailor Mars
CDJapan | Entertainment Earth

Sailor Jupiter
CDJapan | Entertainment Earth

Sailor Venus

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Pluto
CDJapan | Entertainment Earth

Sailor Saturn

Tuxedo Mask
CDJapan | Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Chibi Moon
CDJapan | Entertainment Earth

Sailor V
CDJapan | Entertainment Earth

8 thoughts on “Identifying S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon Series Bootlegs

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  4. You panicked me for a moment there, Amazon had a hard time finding me a Saturn Figuart. I looked at my Sailor Saturn figure and her inner elbow joints are skin-colored, and I thought maybe they’d gotten me a bootleg! But then I looked at official photos of the figure and they are supposed to be that way. Phew!


  5. I bought a bootleg because one of my Sailor Moon’s pigtails came to me broken and Amazon couldn’t replace it. The whole ordeal was a mess, but I have pictures if you want more reference. There’s also a pretty distinct scent and texture difference if you’re observant enough. Also, I’m fairly certain that you can get all of them… Maybe not Saturn yet, but definitely the inner sailors as bootlegs on Ebay. It’s not just Sailor Moon anymore.


    • Ive been waiting for a friend to buy them so i could take my own pictures actually. And i know =). Ive noted that all of them have bootlegs at the beginning. Thank you though.


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