Animethon 21

A weekend ago was Animethon 21! The convention that started it all for me turned legal everywhere, and boy did they kick butt.

Events kicked off with the Vendors Hall and Artist Alley opening up on Friday instead of their usual Saturday/Sunday only. The Artist Alley was moved into a spacious cafeteria section of the Robinson Health Centre across the street from the main building. Thankfully they also moved the registration into this building, so no one really had issues finding us.


My artwork is on the right, and my table buddy, James, is on the left. We split the space for the weekend to save on costs, and so we could always keep the table running. It was a SUPER successful event… though I think I need to sleep for the next decade hahaha.

On Friday Animethon held their first Moonlight Masquerade Ball. I went as Princess Mercury… but I’m not showing off pictures because I honestly hate every picture I’m in. I did NOT photograph well this weekend XD. The ball went over beautifully. Everyone was well dressed, the masks were beautiful, the music was perfect, and it was really everything I hoped it would be.

Saturday was artist alley and panel day. Honestly, I’ve never been so fricken busy lol.  The panel went wonderfully, and everyone seemed to have fun. I got stuck doing it in my cosplay, but oh well XD. There will be video of the panel when my friend can get the files back to me.

Sunday was the last day. I mostly stayed in the Alley, but it was also my last chance to get autographs from Cristina Vee and Cherami Leigh (the new Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus!). Sadly Cherami had to leave and catch her flight just before I got to her table, so I got Cristina to sign my advertisement binder (a GE Animation binder that I use for my fliers).

Here’s my haul! (click on the images to see them full sized).

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