The new MoonFigures!

MoonFigures has gone through a make-over this year! (hehe, get it?)

MoonFigures has gone through some cool changes in the last year! First, after a hiatus of a year or so I decided to close it… but then I decided to open it again!! So I changed the name to MoonFigures to match my Tumblr, and be Sailor Moon related… Then I changed the layout, began replacing “pages” with “posts” to make things easier to track down, and now I have another new update!

I’ve aquired the URL from a friend! MoonFigures.Wordpress will still work, but when you get to the site it’ll read “” instead. This is exciting, as I hope it will help push some traffic here, and get my reviews some views.

MoonFigures will still be my personal identity. I’ll sign off posts that way, and that’s how you can find me online.

Speaking of finding me online!


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