The Future of Paulichu.WordPress

Recently I posted about how this site was inactive. I’ve decided to make it a part of my MoonFigures Tumblr account, and have changed the name to match!

In the New Year this site will house all of the reviews I’ve been posting, including the new ones. My goal is to change every “page” here into a post and link it as most of my pages usually are. This will help tag and categorize them, and still make them easy to find in the menu. Until I’m caught up with updating what I have in regards to reviews I’ll be posting them as links as I have my S.H.Figuarts review, and Miracle Romance compact. As reviews take a while (sometimes a day, sometimes 3 weeks) I shouldn’t clog your email.

In the coming months you should expect to see reviews of old merchandise, as well as new. I am currently working on S.H.Figuarts Sailor Mercury, and JUST received my Sailor Mars in the mail today! I’ve also received some plushies, phone cases, and misc merchandise I think you guys will enjoy.

To add to this, I also plan on reviewing my smaller anime, and Disney collection. I mostly collect Merida, Rapunzel, and Ariel merchandise though so it will be selective. My anime collection includes Cardcaptor Sakura, some Madoka, Miku, Chobits, and Rozen Maiden, aside from some misc figures and merchandise.

This is MoonFigures wishing you a VERY Happy New Year filled with many good times and lots of Sailor Moon!

– Pauline

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