The Big Haul

Hey guys!

I went out today and managed to pick up another plushie bootleg version of Eternal Sailor Moon. She’s the one with her red ribbons sewn into the sides of her undies XD. It’s quite funny to look at. I also managed to find the Diana kitty coin purse that matches the same set of bootlegs. Since my last update I’ve also received a full set of the Live Action gashapon in the mail, and I’ve purchased official versions of SMW 1 gashapon, and the missing Amu and Yaya (Shugo Chara) from the deformed set. Oh, and during my excursion around the city (Warp 1 haha) I managed to pick up a Magic Knight Rayearth CD keychain for $10. That’s awesome because I almost purchased one online for more than that just this past week.

Back in October was Bellerose Festival! Of course I managed to pick up some great finds from that convention. A guy who normally sells Nintendo plushies showed up with the new Mercury and Mars bootleg plushies! That was a super cool find. I also managed to pick up an official Rozen Maiden Pullip doll from their swap meet.

On the 30th of October I went to Swap Con 2! Which… to be honest was a joke we made at a local swap meet earlier this year. Oddly enough, our joke turned into reality because the right people were around I guess. I picked up some Moon Phase figures for Russ, but it looks like they’re mine lol. I also picked up 3 figures from an unknown series that I’d like some help identifying later. I originally purchased them for some photos for a project I’m working on.

Wow what a haul! You don’t realize what you’ve pulled in until you list it all lol.

Also, check out my Disney DVD list! It sure has grown since I started this blog. Oddly enough I haven’t really spent more than $20 on any of those DVDs since I get them for the discounted price the day they’re released, OR I pick them up for $10 each when they’re old or on sale. If there is one thing my fiancee has taught me, it’s how to find a good deal. Isn’t that strange?

Anyways, these items will be updated soon I hope. Things have just been rather busy, and my job has been keeping me rather tired. There just isn’t enough time in one weekend.

Have a great week you guys!

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