Custom Pieces and that overhaul

So I’ve been working on some figurines and garage kits. My first kit was Sailor Mercury for my boyfriend. I painted it while he was at work and gave it to him for Christmas last year. The second I done was a Chibi Usa holding LunaP. A few days ago I decided I was bored and started pulling apart bootleg figurines… to come up with this:

Teen Sailor Chibi Moon is one of my favourite versions of any character in the show, even though my favourite character is Sailor Mercury. Sorry if you guys have seen this before lol. I’ve posted it in quite a few places hoping for commissions.

In the next week or so there should be some good updates. It has been ages since I’ve had the time to work on photos and buttons for this site. I’ve finished quite a bit tonight and I’m finally happy with the buttons I’ve made for each section. I’ve also cut down the menus. They need to be less vague in some areas.

As for merch, I’ve received quite a bit, found lots of neat things around flee markets and such. A couple days ago I found a “Meet Sailor Moon” book at a second hand store and the lady gave it to me for $0.74. Not sure why such an odd number lol. That same day I also found a European Anastasia doll with growing hair, and an old Woody doll from Toy Story. Got both of those for $7 each <3. Recently got a Eternal Sailor Moon clock in the mail… unfortunately she's a bootleg, even though I was told she was official. Somewhere along the line I also ordered a CD from Samantha Newark- also known as Jerrica Benton of Jem and the Holograms! She's only the speaking voice, but her CD is great!

Urghph ok. I think that's it lol.

If you're on dA check out my groups!

Paint Shop Pros *new*

Paint Shop Pros is a group for users of the program. It’ll be a place to find resources and have them ORGANIZED since DA only has a brush gallery.

Also, catch me at Bellerose Festival in St. Alberta, Alberta this weekend! You can find out more at my ConventionsCanada group. On Sunday there will also be an Art Jam at Grant MacEwan at 12pm.

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