Radiant Dreamer

Before Christmas I took some interest in building figurine models. This was for many reasons… There were loads of nice figurines out there that I liked, Christmas was coming, and I’m quite artsy. So I purchased a Sailor Mercury figurine and got it in late November. Before the end of the month I had it painted and ready for my fiancee for Christmas. Poor Sailor Mercury hid in my closet for a whole month. It was heart breaking.


One thing I noticed while going through the process of purchasing, waiting, receiving, preparing, and then finally painting and assembling my figure was that a LOT of people didn’t know what they were dealing with. They had no idea what ABS, Polyethylene, PVC, HDPE or any other material was other than that it was definitely plastic. I also noticed that quite often people assumed that resin was a specific type of plastic. With all of this nonsense I began writing my own guide to the different types of plastic listed on MyFigurineCollection.net. This guide was never finished and it was my full intention to share it with you today. In my attempt to finish it I stumbled across THIS article from another WordPress user. Radiant Dreamer (or Daniel Lam) has some WONDERFUL articles in his blog about caring for figurines, customizing their bases, anime, tutorials and lots of awesome artwork he draws himself!

And sadly, yes, you will get to see pictures of my Mercury figurine one day, but I promise that you’ll never want me to touch another figurine ever again.

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