New Menu and Page Updates

With the release of’s Customized Menu feature I’ve been working on building a better menu for the site.

Now you can find links to offsite pages under the home page drop down, all of the proper collection pages under collections, autographs under the autographs page, and extras under the extras page. Most of these will be sorted by alphabetical order, numeric, or by order of release. These will be obvious. There ARE some sections that haven’t been sorted yet, but they’re still available for you to access.

Collection Updates

Items I’ve updated so far on the site:

Mini key chains
These aren’t totally finished yet. There isn’t much because I don’t know much about this set. Please contact me if you know something that I don’t.

Puzzle Clock
This is the clock from my last update. I got it from a friend of mine who is selling off some of her collection. There are detailed shots of how the clock goes together and taken apart, as well as the image on the puzzle.

This page holds the pins that I own, whether they be bootlegged or official. The two pins listed are also from the last update I posted about, but come from the swap meet I went to.

Bootlegged Plushies
This page is new and contains photos of all my bootlegged Sailor Moon/Usagi plushies.

Michelle Ruff meeting
This page holds the summary and photos of my meeting with voice actress Michelle Ruff.

That’s it for tonight, but I’m sure there’ll be more. Hope you all enjoy your weekend =)

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