Lots of Updates and Moar to come!

Lots more updates to the site this week.

Check out some kitty coin purses or a WIP Dream Pocket Dolls page. There’s also the Mixxzine page, or the Smile Magazine page.

Today I also added Sailor Moon S to the DVD section, although I’ll later be adding more detailed pictures of my DVD sets. If you check out the cards section you’ll find plenty of Sailor Moon Pull Pack cards. There’s also a Bootleg Plushie section and several added sections to stationary which includes a sticker section!

PHEW! Also, feel free to roam the site. There’s a new extras section with wallpapers and a wishlist, and in the Disney section there’s my DVD list.

All of this leaves me at a total of 73 pages in total! Not all of them have decent content yet, but I’m working on it. Even the main collections page is being updated with image buttons for each collections area.

Expect to see LOTS in the next week. Next weekend is Otafest in Calgary. I’ll be meeting with a friend and possibly making an offer on some of his stuff. That may or may not leave me with more work here ;_; and I’m already at the point where I’m unsure what I’ve actually updated on, or what I WANT to update on due to time restrictions.

OH! And check out my autographs section! It’s pretty lonely right now, but eventually (;_;) I’ll have who I’ve met and the entire story up there. Between conventions and concerts I’ve met quite a few people.

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